“Back and forth he kicked his loafer clad feet under the table, looking all the world like a boy who’d just gotten out of his cereal box a new riddle to solve.” (page 37)

Day Three of the -Cock Fight- Dailies has arrived on your virtual doorstep. Your day may officially begin now.

After yesterday’s blue crab fiasco which ended with my adopting a crustacean into the Chloe Stowe household, I can confidently guarantee you that little such nonsense will be had today. Whether that’s sighs of regret or thunderous applause that I hear echoing out there in the darkness, I do hope you will allow me this one serious moment.


In Cock Fight, Isadora is a character that we barely get to know. Time on the page, just as it is with time on this earth, however, rarely defines the importance of a person on this world. It is Isadora’s presence as much as it is her absence that fuels this love story.

Isadora is based on a friend of the family who lost her struggle with ALS just this last week. The disease, once it struck, took less than two years to take this bright light to heaven. While none of us probably knew her as well as she deserved, her memory will keep us company for many years to come.

Celebrate the time and the health that you have.

Dance in whatever light you can find.

Touch as many lives as you can.

Make the memory people are left of you a grand one.

The number of pages don’t matter; it is what you write on them that does. Write boldly.

Until tomorrow…

Chloe Stowe