Day Ten arrives on the bus with the College Game Day crew. Yes, Tallahassee
is jumping this morning as ESPN and the University of Oklahoma come roaring into
town for tonight’s HUGE football game of #1 Oklahoma vs. #5 FSU ! Go Noles!

In this electric atmosphere of man on man tackles and beer and the
possibilities of celebratory sex with pom-poms and big foam Number One’s, I
think there is little window dressing left to be done for your Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten: Between the Polite and the Psychotic

 “It was a little like watching an old black and white movie stuck on pause.
The dark, broken silhouette was not moving.” (page 155)

  So, the plot thickens. I mean, really, was there ever any doubt? This is me
we’re talking about here, folks. 

  As an added bonus to all my loyal teaser-readers, I’d like to make the grand
announcement as to the title of my next novel, my 8th for Ravenous Romance… Are you ready?… Are you piqued
and pumped?… Are you fired up for the first Chloe Stowe story about a cop?…
Well, ready or not, Peak and Thrust will be here this November! 

  To celebrate my first foray into the world of shields, blue walls and hot
interrogations, I provide you today with coffee and doughnuts, two staples of

  Only two more teases to go, guys! 

  Until tomorrow…

  Chloe Stowe

                As Day Eight arrives with the raindrops, I must apologize for Day Seven never reaching your airwaves. I am sorry to all of you who made the effort to drop by and found no one answering the door. As punishment the naughty half of myself is offering herself up for a spanking. The rest of me just hopes that I am forgiven and that two chapter teases in one day will help to soothe any sore feelings.  Yes, I am essentially bribing you with smut… hey, but if you’ve got to get bribed ain’t hot men and sex the way to go?

                Moving on quickly, I will not clog up any of your lives with my nonsensical brain matter today. Tomorrow, however, there will be no holds barred… It could get messy in here, folks. Just saying.

Chapter Seven: Behind Dusk’s Curtain

                “The weeks passed in a lazy rush of sex and longing… Their moments together during this time were tiny treasures in their own right… memories to hold to in the dark nights to come…” (page 115)

Chapter Eight: Under the Joshua Tree

                “The “if you die, I die” Saul left unsaid. He hadn’t come to accept that part yet himself. He wasn’t about to ask Mercer to do it first. (page 131)

                As you may have noticed, drama has apparently hit our young men and their love lives! I’d cut and paste in a drum roll here if I had any idea what I was doing. Alas, I do not and can only offer you a suspenseful silence to see you to tomorrow… of course, I can also offer you the New York style cheesecake sitting at the door. Please take a piece or two and enjoy your man-sex-cheesecake bribe.

                I hope to see you all back here for Day Nine!

                Until tomorrow (really, this time)…

Chloe Stowe

                As Day Five comes roaring into town on the back of a mid-September Monday, I think a nice rosy shot of romance is called for.

                I’m usually very careful with my more blatant shots of romance. You know, a little goes a long way, especially in the m/m world. Too much of it and it overwhelms the literary stew. The flavors and the unique tastes of each of the other ingredients can’t be compromised by such a strong spice or everything becomes a gooey mish-mash of daisies and cupids and hearts drawn on foggy windows… Honestly, not one of my men would be caught dead in such a fluffy pink casserole. 

                Don’t get me wrong. Fluffy pink casseroles have their places… just not usually in the mouths of alpha males.

                Personally, I like to imbibe my meal with romance in a more roundabout way. You know, in the staging. If we continue with the culinary allusions (and heck who doesn’t love a good culinary allusion?), I guess you’d say that I like to pick out a nice romantic pot for my men and their juices to stew in. I try to come up with situations that when two strong testosterone-filled characters are put in them they have no choice but to bubble up into delicious love. That way all their manliness is still there for us to nibble on, to swirl around in our mouths and massage with our tongues…

                Sorry. Culinary allusion was quickly slipping into naughtiness. We wouldn’t want that, now would we?...

Chapter Five: Gentle Obscenity

                “As one low, slow song bled away into the next, the men silently stared into each other’s eyes as if searching out and finding their place in the other’s soul.” (page 79)

                Yes, I do believe the mid-September Monday is a little more digestible with a helping of pink fluffy casserole. See? Not even Chloe Stowe can resist the taste of pure romance every once in a while.

                On your way out today, please grab a flute of chilled champagne. Enjoy those tiny bubbles everyone and make your Monday merry!

                Until tomorrow…

                Chloe Stowe

Day Four is here and it’s reflective.

On the anniversary of a day when so many “mere” mortals became heroes and so many loves were lost until heaven, I think I’ll just give you my daily teaser and let you get back to spending your day with your cherished ones be they family, friends, lovers or four-legged guardian angels….

Chapter Four: Sugar-Coated Damnation

“Mercer looked over his shoulder and grinned. “Personally, I think you rock the well and truly fucked look…”” (page 64)

Today, on your way out, please enjoy some beer in honor of the first Sunday of the NFL season!

Until tomorrow, God bless you…

Chloe Stowe

            Day Three has arrived on the coattails of a beautiful dawn. 

          On gorgeous days like this, my muse soars. I spend the hours trying to catch up with her, trying to capture the world she sees into words born on nervous fingers…

          In other words, I’m a bit shaky today. It happens… It happens a lot when I have family coming.

            One of the weirdest things about my brain and all its crossed wires is that excitement equals panic. The same buttons are pushed in my mind. It’s a lot like if every time on a bitterly cold winter’s day that you turn on the furnace or stoke the fire, all the fire alarms begin to blare and scream at you. All the sprinklers erupt, sending their cold, cold water onto your head, stunning you. No matter how many times it happens, no matter how many times you know it’s going to happen, there is just nothing to shield you from the icy water and the screeches of panic…

            Ok, apparently my muse has decided to fly into a hornet’s nest today. Pardon me if I choose not to follow her this time around.

            Instead, let me give you the Hard Wood, Soft Heart tease of the day. I hope you enjoy this little morsel and will come back again for another taste….

Chapter Two: Ghost Runners

             “Born in St. Louis on a wickedly hot July day, from the very beginning Mercer’s life had been about avoiding the things a man can’t change. Like the blazing hot weather that seemed to follow him around every summer of his childhood, he came to mutely accept the fact that his father only came to visit on the weekends and that his mother rarely smiled at anyone but her little boy…” (page 29)

            Today, I offer all my wonderful guests cotton candy and lemonade. Please grab a kite on your way out and soar with your own muse through the endless skies.

            Until tomorrow…

Chloe Stowe

Ahhh! Day Two breaks!

            Before we all surrender to the moment and weep, let’s recap a bit, shall we? 

            Day One (yesterday) brought the beginning of the “Twelve Days of Hard Wood, Soft Heart Teasing Your Toes Off Event.” Following a brief overview of what fans, friends and family (I’d like to say hello to my poodle who’s reading over my shoulder) could expect out of each day’s tease, the much anticipated synopsis of my seventh novel for Ravenous Romance was revealed.

In case you missed it, I magnanimously grant you time travel and you can head back to Day One right now. It’s ok. We’ll wait and maybe have some doughnuts while you zip yourself through the Chloe Stowe Wormhole.

A cautionary statement on travel in the CSW: Be careful how far you go back. My eighth grade poem which began with the lines, “There once was a boy / who had no joy / in going to school each day,” might damage brain cells. Just saying.

Now that everyone has rejoined us, shall we get down to business? Yes, I believe I see one hand raised out there in…I think… Kentucky, so Chapter One Tease is a go!...

Chapter One: Driven to Extinction

                “Saul Tidewater stood on the rooftop overlooking Las Vegas clinging to his heterosexuality by the skin of his teeth...” (page 1)

Once everyone get’s their breaths back, I’d like to point out that while my copy editor is still working fingers to the bone editing Hard Wood, Soft Heart there may in fact be some changes to the excerpts I’m sneaking to you. Take the page numbers with a grain of salt. They’re just there to give you some generalized marker as to where you are in the book. Wouldn’t want anyone getting lost.

In this case, however, I have it on good authority that this may very well be the opening line to the novel!  I know, I can hardly restrain myself either.

While Day Three percolates and steeps in my brain for tomorrow, I’d like to thank all of you for stopping by. I hope I was able to give you a smile and just maybe a giggle. Please, enjoy some hot chocolate before you go and, heck, grab another doughnut or two. This is all about indulgence anyhow. Why not have a little powdered sugar and sprinkles with our escapism? I won’t tell if you won’t. *smiles*

Until tomorrow…

Chloe Stowe

Welcome one and all to the twelve day Hard Wood, Soft Heart Teasing Your Toes Off Event! For the first time ever not only will you be given sneak peeks at the chapter titles of my newest m/m romance with Ravenous Romance coming out in the next few weeks, but you will also be given actual tiny, daily excerpts from each chapter!

Yes, it does blow your mind, doesn’t it? Gets your blood cells all tingly and ready to head south for some naughty fun? Leaves you wondering “What kind of drama is that crazy woman going to put me and my heart through this time?” (Gets the English teachers out there chiding “That should be ‘my heart and I,” Ms. Stowe.”)

Well, this is no place to be shy. Step right up and prepare all your really good spots to be tickled and all your soft and mushy “ahhh!” places to be warmed… Besides, let’s be honest here, how many of my faithful readers out there are wondering if I’ve managed to slip another volcano into the story? Hands please. Yep, just what I thought.

I like to think that each of my novels lean a little in one direction. Be it heavy on the romance (Taken), or the sex (Hard Water), or the kink (Forever Bound) or the action/mystery/intrigue (Barbarian and The Hellesgate Series), I try to make each of my stories unique and memorable in their own way.

So without further adieu and with the promise of hard refreshments at the end, I proudly give you the synopsis to a novel that is all about love and the sex that leads you there.

I give you Hard Wood, Soft Heart

This is a story of Las Vegas… of a one-night stand turned life-long love… of one man running so hard from his past that he runs headfirst into a man running just as hard away from his future.

A brilliant cardiologist scarred by a bitter divorce, Saul Tidewater has left the memories of his past behind and started a new life in Las Vegas. Dark and dashing, he must fight his surprising lack of self confidence when his long-held and hidden desire to make love to a man will no longer be denied.

Mercer Braun is the man everyone wants. Devilishly handsome with a blinding love for life, the former baseball player could have any man or woman that he wants… but Mercer only wants Saul. A bleak future awaits Mercer, however, and he must fight for his right to meet it on his own terms.

This is the story of two men who have lost their way and stumbled upon forever.

This is the story of a city that gives them the courage to vanquish a past while blazing a future.

This is a story of true love.

Tune in tomorrow, same blog, same post, for the official Chapter One tease!

Until then, ladies and gents, please help yourself some much deserved tequila… I’ll be in the back room puking my “Oh my God, they’re going to hate it!” nerves out through my nose. Yes, life for Chloe Stowe is rarely pretty. *grins*

Thank you all for reading and always (amazingly) wanting to read more.

Chloe Stowe