“He wasn’t Rocky, no matter how many times Aldo played that damned “Eye of the Tiger” song.” (page 54)

Cue the orchestra, Day Four of the -Cock Fight- Dailies is about to begin!


A theme song.

An original score.

I wonder if we all have one? A unique tune or singular symphony that follows each of us around wherever we go? Maybe it plays on a frequency we haven’t learned to hear yet? What if a strum of a guitar string, the note of a flute or the crash of a cymbal are our auditory fingerprints?

What if that was true?

What would the score to your life be?

Would it be something jazzy, something with a swing to it? Would people walk away from you tapping their toes?

Maybe it would have a twang? A J.D. Sumner singing bass? Or a Jenny Lind singing Soprano?

Is your violin plucked pizzicato, or is it stroked like a lover by its bow?

Is there an oboe?

A chorus?

Is it something long and complicated like Eliot’s “Wasteland” put to song?

Or is it simply a psalm sung by a shepherd a thousand years ago?

What is your score?

What is mine?

Mine would be the song of the tree frogs, the clicks and chirps that promise the storm is over and sanity has returned to the heavens…

Until tomorrow…

Chloe Stowe