Day Eleven arrives with the elusive Chapter Three tied, gagged and flung over
its shoulder. Yes, it did take a while for my mad skills (inside joke here,
folks) to realize that Chapter Three’s tease had been passed over. It was kind
of like one of those prison breaks where the inmate skips out with the laundry
truck and nobody notices that Prisoner #3 is missing until bed check. Oh yeah,
classic bad warden here. I apologize and will relinquish my billy stick

  Until tomorrow brings the end to the Twelve Days of
Hard Wood, Soft Heart
Spectacular, I think I’ll keep swinging my stick at my side and bask in my
delusion of grandeur until the very end. In keeping with said theme, I’ll have
the officers drag in Prisoner #3 right now (and if there’s any man-on-man, rough
and tumble“manhandling” going on in my facility, I expect all parties to take
detailed notes for a future novel)…

 Chapter Three: Animal Tactics

“Saul Tidewater’s resistance was dead in the water and starting to stink…”
(page 44)

Admittedly Prisoner #3 is a scrawny little fellow, but what he lacks in bulk
he makes up for in grit and gristle. 

  Well, folks, Prisoner #11 (yes, that would be Chapter 11. I am taking this
metaphor to the embarrassing end) is doing push-ups in his cell, getting ready
for tomorrow’s release. Luckily, the extra day #11 had to serve for bad behavior
has only resulted in a little extra ink on our man’s posterior. But since he is
bringing up the rear, it only fits that his end is a bit more colorful than even
I expected.

  Your visiting a prison, guys. All you’ve got for your refreshments is stale
bread and water… unless, of course, you’ve got a carton of cigs or some baseball
cards you’re looking to trade for?

  Until tomorrow…  

  Chloe Stowe