Welcome one and all to the twelve day Hard Wood, Soft Heart Teasing Your Toes Off Event! For the first time ever not only will you be given sneak peeks at the chapter titles of my newest m/m romance with Ravenous Romance coming out in the next few weeks, but you will also be given actual tiny, daily excerpts from each chapter!

Yes, it does blow your mind, doesn’t it? Gets your blood cells all tingly and ready to head south for some naughty fun? Leaves you wondering “What kind of drama is that crazy woman going to put me and my heart through this time?” (Gets the English teachers out there chiding “That should be ‘my heart and I,” Ms. Stowe.”)

Well, this is no place to be shy. Step right up and prepare all your really good spots to be tickled and all your soft and mushy “ahhh!” places to be warmed… Besides, let’s be honest here, how many of my faithful readers out there are wondering if I’ve managed to slip another volcano into the story? Hands please. Yep, just what I thought.

I like to think that each of my novels lean a little in one direction. Be it heavy on the romance (Taken), or the sex (Hard Water), or the kink (Forever Bound) or the action/mystery/intrigue (Barbarian and The Hellesgate Series), I try to make each of my stories unique and memorable in their own way.

So without further adieu and with the promise of hard refreshments at the end, I proudly give you the synopsis to a novel that is all about love and the sex that leads you there.

I give you Hard Wood, Soft Heart

This is a story of Las Vegas… of a one-night stand turned life-long love… of one man running so hard from his past that he runs headfirst into a man running just as hard away from his future.

A brilliant cardiologist scarred by a bitter divorce, Saul Tidewater has left the memories of his past behind and started a new life in Las Vegas. Dark and dashing, he must fight his surprising lack of self confidence when his long-held and hidden desire to make love to a man will no longer be denied.

Mercer Braun is the man everyone wants. Devilishly handsome with a blinding love for life, the former baseball player could have any man or woman that he wants… but Mercer only wants Saul. A bleak future awaits Mercer, however, and he must fight for his right to meet it on his own terms.

This is the story of two men who have lost their way and stumbled upon forever.

This is the story of a city that gives them the courage to vanquish a past while blazing a future.

This is a story of true love.

Tune in tomorrow, same blog, same post, for the official Chapter One tease!

Until then, ladies and gents, please help yourself some much deserved tequila… I’ll be in the back room puking my “Oh my God, they’re going to hate it!” nerves out through my nose. Yes, life for Chloe Stowe is rarely pretty. *grins*

Thank you all for reading and always (amazingly) wanting to read more.

Chloe Stowe

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