Day Ten arrives on the bus with the College Game Day crew. Yes, Tallahassee
is jumping this morning as ESPN and the University of Oklahoma come roaring into
town for tonight’s HUGE football game of #1 Oklahoma vs. #5 FSU ! Go Noles!

In this electric atmosphere of man on man tackles and beer and the
possibilities of celebratory sex with pom-poms and big foam Number One’s, I
think there is little window dressing left to be done for your Chapter Ten

Chapter Ten: Between the Polite and the Psychotic

 “It was a little like watching an old black and white movie stuck on pause.
The dark, broken silhouette was not moving.” (page 155)

  So, the plot thickens. I mean, really, was there ever any doubt? This is me
we’re talking about here, folks. 

  As an added bonus to all my loyal teaser-readers, I’d like to make the grand
announcement as to the title of my next novel, my 8th for Ravenous Romance… Are you ready?… Are you piqued
and pumped?… Are you fired up for the first Chloe Stowe story about a cop?…
Well, ready or not, Peak and Thrust will be here this November! 

  To celebrate my first foray into the world of shields, blue walls and hot
interrogations, I provide you today with coffee and doughnuts, two staples of

  Only two more teases to go, guys! 

  Until tomorrow…

  Chloe Stowe

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