Day Twelve is here!

The end and the beginning.

No, it’s not quite as Biblical as that, but it has surprisingly (utterly surprised author
right here) worked out perfectly time wise, because…

Hard Wood, Soft Heart is out today!!!

Yes, you will no longer be forced to rely on my daily ramblings and teases for a taste of new Chloe Stowe
romance/smut/adventure/true love. You get the real deal now with no silly asides from the author. You, my friends, are the lucky ones.  I’ve got to live with the asides-thing 24/7… kind of like an extra toe. See how lucky you truly

So, without further adieu…

Chapter Eleven: Creosote Bushes and Bearpoppies
“The key slipped into the lock with surprising ease. Saul was shaking so bad he had feared that he’d need some kind of back up just
to get into his door.” (page 162)

So we end with bearpoppies. How many multi-day teasing blogging events end with bearpoppies? You guys must have
a very eager leprechaun in your pocket. Luck is just raining down on you in four-leaf clovers.

I hope I’ve been able to bring a smile into your lives and perhaps a little insight too. Humbly, I ask you to consider adding Hard Wood, Soft Heart into your library. I really do think you’ll enjoy it. 

Well, until the next time we meet, please pick up a milkshake on your  way out. Any flavor you want, babe, you’ve got it.

Until next time,  everyone…

Chloe Stowe

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