As the deadline for Hard Water looms (11 days and counting… yes, “Yikes!” does come to mind), I decided to pull back, take a deep breath and tease. While my best teasing talents usually require some fingers and tongue (sorry, couldn’t help it *sheepish grin*), I will restrain myself this time and restrict my dirty work today to words alone…

                So, without further adieu, here is your Hard Water tease for the day… 

Chapter Titles for the fifth Chloe Stowe original novel - Hard Water            

Prologue… The Water is Hard and Deep

Chapter One… Fireworks over Warm Waters

Chapter Two… A Towel, a Spark and a Fist

Chapter Three… Windowpanes and Moonlight

Chapter Four… Jumping into the Deep End

Chapter Five… Jumping into the Right Deep End

Chapter Six… The Bittersweet Lapping of Candy

Chapter Seven… A Neanderthal and a Good Samaritan

Chapter Eight… A Slow Boat from South Africa

Chapter Nine… Drowning in the Shallows

Chapter Ten… Healing Waters

Chapter Eleven… Home Waters

                Now, class, aren’t we all curious? Everyone feeling appropriately teased? Want some more? Check in tomorrow and I’ll give you a taste.               

Love you all,

Chloe Stowe

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