Ah! Hellesgate, Kansas. What a twisted little town of derangement and love my chemically imbalanced brain has wrought. 

Have you missed it? Have you had a hankering for a tall cold glass of Bingham’s hard lemonade?  Or how about a nice warm mug of the Eastons’ apple cider? Has the sight of thistles blowing in the wind given you cause to check over your shoulder for wispy, green-eyed stalkers? Does just the thought of a single malt scotch have you diving for a fire extinguisher and an elephant gun?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions I kiss your feet and offer you my therapist’s card with the sequel.

Honestly though, I never thought I would be returning to Hellesgate. What a weird and totally incomprehensible honor it was to be asked back. Yes, there were tears. However, I stand by my emotions with my bottles of Prozac proudly by my side.

Writing a sequel is hard. There are so many expectations, in my case mostly internal. I wanted to be true to the characters but not have their stories turn stale. I wanted my readers to feel when they picked up Blow Torch like old friends were visiting them – old friends with heart-wrenching and soul-gladdening surprises being held secretly behind their backs.

Most of all, I didn’t want to disappoint.

I hope I haven’t.

Hellesgate is such a town rich with potential storylines that I really, really hope I picked the right ones to follow. I trust my readers to tell me if I have.

This time we delve into Cane Summerfield’s past. In Torched, we learned that the Iraqi war veteran had been horribly scarred emotionally from his experience in the Middle East. In Blow Torch, we learn the how’s, the why’s and, most importantly, the therefore’s.

“War is hell… and sometimes it follows a man home.”

To whet your appetite for the sequel which should be arriving to bookstands within the next two or three weeks, here is the chapter index for Blow Torch. Hope it teases and tickles you a little…

Prologue… Iraq

Chapter One…  A Good Day

Chapter Two…  Oranges

Chapter Three… Sahara

Chapter Four… A Tarnished Star

Chapter Five… May Day

Chapter Six… Guns and Floods

Chapter Seven… Blindsided

Chapter Eight… Born of Guilt

Chapter Nine… Done

Epilogue… A Better Day

Well, until my cover is ready for your perusal, I will leave you all with my heart-filled thanks for reading this rambling of mine. Once again, I invite you all to return with Matthew Archer and Cane Summerfield to Hellesgate, Kansas. It will be a trip full of passion, lust, greed, revenge and toe-curling romance. It will be a trip you will never forget.


Chloe Stowe