“From the very outset, the Cabral household had not been a happy one.” (page 28)


On behalf of the psychotic little coal miner currently chipping and chipping away at the inner linings of my brain, I wish you welcome to Day Four of The –Forsaken- Blogs!

Please pardon the migraine-like racket likely to seep out between my words today. I’ve been fighting this headache for a couple of days, and right now the mean bastard has got me pinned to the floor. Before one of us goes down for the count, I have a surprise for you all…

Drumroll, please... oh, wait, my coal miner’s already got that covered. *grins*

Anyhow, in lieu of a regularly rambling blog, I give you all the cover to The Torch Forsaken…

Ok, I really, really love this one. I hope it tickles all of your fancies as well. Please, let me know.

Until tomorrow, when either me or the angry little coal miner will be joining you with a real blog…

Chloe Stowe and the bastard in her head.

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